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    336011 - Top Golf

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    Add to CartAvailableLazer KrazeF11/13/20- 11/13/20 7:00P- 10:00PBirth and Up$30336011-02Item Details

    351012 - Pickleball League

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    Read NoticeFullPickleball LeagueTu10/06/20- 11/10/2010:00A- 12:00PBirth and Up$20351012-01Item Details

    406312 - Turkey Shoot

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    Read NoticeUnavailableTurkey ShootSa11/21/20- 11/21/20 9:00A- 9:15ABirth and Up$0406312-01Item Details

    410412 - Creative Kids

    Let us help your child to create at home. We will provide you with all the materials little hands like to use to create. This take home activity will allow them to build, draw, paint, glue and work on their fine motor skills using the provided materials. Class instruction will be enabled by zoom and the link will be provided with preregistration.

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    Read NoticeUnavailableCreative Kids @ HomeTh10/08/20- 10/29/2010:00A- 10:45A2 years to under 6 years$15/$18410412-02Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableCreative Kids @HomeTh11/05/20- 12/03/2010:00A- 10:45A2 years to under 6 years$15/$18410412-03Item Details

    410512 - Make a Mess with Me

    This popular class can now be done in your home! Each participant will get a pack of "make a mess" activities complete with a step by step instructions that will help guide you through the activities. Once registered, you will receive a zoom link to follow along so you don't miss class interaction with Ms. Bethany, Ms. Laura or Ms. Jan. Do not miss our new version of this popular class. Preregistration required.

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    Read NoticeUnavailableMake a MessTu10/06/20- 10/27/2010:00A- 10:45A1 year to 3 years 6 months$15/$18410512-02Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableMake a MessTu11/03/20- 12/01/2010:00A- 10:45A1 year to 3 years 6 months$15/$18410512-03Item Details

    410904 - Tap Ballet and Jazz

    Tippi Toes Ballet Tap and Jazz dance classes are offered for children 3-8 years old. They incorporate an even mix of the three types of dance over the 45 minute class time using high energy music. Dance Attire: leotards and ballet shoes, no tap shoes required.

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    Read NoticeUnavailableTap Ballet Jazz FridayF10/09/20- 10/30/2010:45A- 11:30A3 years to under 7 years$50/$53410904-03Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableTap Ballet Jazz Friday 3-5yrsF11/06/20- 11/20/2010:45A- 11:30A3 years to under 6 years$38/$41410904-05Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableTap Ballet Jazz Saturday 3-5 yearsSa11/07/20- 11/21/2012:45P- 1:30P3 years to under 6 years$38/$41410904-06Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableTap Ballet Jazz FriF12/04/20- 12/18/2010:45A- 11:30A3 years to under 6 years$38/$41410904-07Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableTap Ballet Jazz-SatSa12/05/20- 12/19/2012:45P- 1:30P3 years to under 6 years$38/$41410904-08Item Details

    410908 - Toddler and Me

    Music, movement, balance as well as basic ballet steps are introduced in an encouraging manner. A parent or loved one will participate in class with the child. Our teachers will keep the class moving while parents take an active role in encouraging, supporting and keeping the little dances on track. Dance Attire: Comfortable clothing and/or leotard and tennis shoes or ballet shoes

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    Read NoticeUnavailableToddler and MeF10/09/20- 10/30/2010:00A- 10:30A18 months to under 4 years$45/$48410908-02Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableToddler and MeF11/06/20- 11/27/2010:00A- 10:30A18 months to under 4 years$38/$41410908-03Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableToddler and MeF12/04/20- 12/18/2010:00A- 10:30A18 months to under 4 years$38/$41410908-04Item Details

    420402 - Sew It's the Holidays

    Learn to sew in this popular class. All participants will learn the basics of sewing and using the sewing machine. Threading and troubleshooting of the machine will be taught. All materials will be provided. Social distancing will be followed and masks will be required.

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    Read NoticeUnavailableSew AwesomeW10/07/20- 10/28/20 5:00P- 6:00P8 years and Up$30/$33420402-01Item Details

    420904 - Tap Ballet Jazz 5-9yrs

    This class is for dancers ready for a bit of challenge, while keeping with the fun atmosphere at Tippi Toes. Technique will be taught while using barre instruction, center floor exercises, across the floor technique and choreographed routines. Dance attire: Tippi Toes Boutique dance attire, leotards, and ballet shoes. No tap shoes required.

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    Add to CartAvailableTippi ProSa11/07/20- 11/21/20 1:45P- 2:30P7 years to under 13 years$38/$41420904-03Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableTippi ProSa12/05/20- 12/19/20 1:45P- 2:30P7 years to under 13 years$38/$41420904-04Item Details

    441001 - Women's Volleyball

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    Read NoticeFullWomen's VolleyballTh09/17/20- 12/17/20 7:00P- 9:00P18 years and Up$135441001-01Item Details

    451012 - Pickleball League

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    Add to CartAvailablePickleball TourneyF11/06/20- 11/06/20 3:00P- 6:00PBirth and Up$20451012-01Item Details

    460101 - Flex Pass

    The Flex Pass entitles the pass holder the flexibility to take unlimited group fitness classes through the month or quarter. Drop in Rates are $7.00 per class

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    Add to CartAvailableFlex Pass- OctoberM-Su10/01/20- 10/31/2012:00A- 12:00A16 years and Up$15460101-01Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableFlex Pass - Nov.M-Su11/01/20- 11/30/2012:00A- 12:00A16 years and Up$15460101-02Item Details
    Add to CartAvailableFlex Pass - DecemberM-Su12/01/20- 12/31/2012:00A- 12:00A16 years and Up$15460101-03Item Details
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